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Community art Project with Whitney John

Installation Statement/Announcement:

The Buena Vista Arts Council invites you to participate in a community art installation this spring at ARTAPALOOZA!

Celebrate our home and the people who make it so

special by getting involved in any of the various steps. No artistic experience necessary!

Community and togetherness are at the heart of this artwork. Hundreds of individual pieces made from recycled materials will be sewn together in a free-standing mosaic style to create one unified image. This art will be representing the hundreds of people who've come together to make our beloved Buena Vista community what is it today.

From concept to creation, every step of the process seeks to incorporate efforts from all members of our community, so the artwork can capture the beautiful collaboration of all our varied backgrounds and identities. This installation is under the artistic direction of BV local Whitney John, whose

personal artwork has long centered on themes of home, togetherness, and loving relationships. 

The physical art installation will be completed and installed in Spring 2024, but the spirit of the artwork starts now!

All are invited to get involved by:

  • Donating plastic grocery bags at any of our designated collection spots downtown

(Straws, the Beeve, Asunder Coffee, and Coiner Country Store)

  • Joining an open workshop to prep materials

  • Finding the art installation creative spaces (booths) at Artapalooza

  • Spreading the word!

Follow or email for updates and more information on how to get involved. 


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